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Indian bollywood Fashion Designer tunic is very much in fashion these days. Embroidered Tunics(Kurti-Top) is just a women's top. Girls nowadays wear Kurti - Tunic over jeans, Salwar, Pant, Leggings, Capri and even a skirt. Indian Kurtis (Tunic/Tops) are accepted worldwide. tunic-Top look decent and sincere, versatile and stylish, trendy yet modest. Indian tunics will lend grace to any woman's wardrobe. The tunic is the ideal year around wear. Bollywood fashion tunics, Ladies tunics, Women tunic-tunics, Embroidered tunic-tops, Designer tunics , Long Tunics, Printed tunics, Cotton Kurtas, Lenin Kurtis, Georgette tunics, Long tunics, Short Kurtis, Traditional Kurti, Ethnic Kurtis and Fashion tunics are the variants of Indian Fashion tunics. A Kurti-Tunic surely give attractive and decent look to a woman body structure.
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Embroidered Kurtis/Tunics looks nice on formal and informal occasions but it defines various fashions statements too. Embroidered Ladies kurta is a garment form India but getting popular in western countries as well.

Ladies kurtas are worn by women on the upper half of their bodies and it is available with a large variety of styles. Ladies kurtas have their own specialties for getting popular with every day and night. Ladies kurtas are clothing with easy to wear and feel comfortable. Another important point is its suitability with various garments of lower half. A woman may wear ladies kurtas with chudidars, with trousers, with jeans or with normal pants as well.

Third specialty of ladies kurtas, it’s really different. Not only it gives a different look to woman, who is wearing it, from other women but also becomes a centre of attraction.

Some imminent designers have offered their collections of ladies kurtas which are worn by men as well. These creative designers have broken the image of traditional kurtas and from serious outfit it has reached up to trendy fashion statement.

To make the ladies kurtas attractive, designers has presented a large range of varieties as for as colors and prints are concerned. Ladies kurtas are available in all shapes and sizes with several fashion patterns. There are ladies kurtas with no embroidery for casual occasions and with a load of embroideries and designs for parties. These kurtas may have laces too to give different look.

Kalamkari print, a hand work of Rajasthan, is getting popular for ladies kurtas now days. Neckline and sleeves may be embedded by sequins works as well. There is a long range ladies kurtas as for as shape of neck is concerned; there are kurtas with deep neck, U-shaped neck, V-shaped neck, glass neck, boat neck, embroidered neck and what not.

Ladies kurtas are different in its lengths as there are long kurtas available with short ones as well. Short kurtas are getting hot now days in various fashion shows with its place in collection of imminent designers.

Ladies kurtas are available in different fabrics such as cotton, georgette and silk which allows it to be the choice of all. Manufacturers use these fabrics according to various needs as comfort or style of the customers. Ladies Kurtas for summer collections is offered mostly in cotton.

Many embroidered tunics have become popular with young girls who watch Hindi films. Heroines like Bipasha Basu, Priyank Chopra and Deepika Padukone are execllent models for embroidered tunics. Designers create a particular look or creative tunic patterns.

Collections of embroidered tunics with jeans or leggings are sold. One can also access the latest embroidered tunic fashions by monitoring catwalks which feature embroidered collections. Newer tunics hit the stores every month. They can be worn with various combinations, as tunic fashion keeps changing. The basic style of tunic is still popular. A tunic or kurta and churidar can be blended creatively. Even churidar kurta sleeves have churis at the wrist. Different tunics are made according to colours, fabric and design. A embroidered tunic involves collective minds of the embroidered and tailor. For example, a silk tunic needs proper handling. This type of tunic material is slippery and needs skilled stitching. Even a partyware tunic made of crepe or satin with lining requires tailor's proficiency. Such a tunic can be used for special occasions. A red tunic can be worn with a beautiful white colored churidar. Even a classic black churidar can be worn with these kurtas with embroidery done on it. Young women can look smart and feminine in slim flowing tunic for formal and casual wear.


Shopping for Designer Tunics

It has now become very easy to buy embroidered tunics online. Traditional tunic shops are widespread in India. But for online tunic shopping one can glance through several portals. At the click of the mouse one can get embroidered tunics with churidar. In fact when you buy tunic online it will save the time for shopping, especially when you are in a hurry. This happens with sudden invitations to social events and one needs a spectacular tunic.

Online stores also give valuable tips to buy tunics readymade or get them customised. Some portals have sections where one can see how to make tunic. It provides simple instructions to follow and make a tunic neck pattern. They can be easily stitched by a tailor. In a tunic shop many wait for the right time to buy. When there is a tunic sale then one can find some cheap tunics too. At such times embroidered tunics are sold for lesser prices. A store will have latest tunic designs if it has to do well. Exclusive stores have a good stock of Long Kurtis, anarkali style tunics, bollywood style tunics, cotton kurtas, Tunics and the latest tunic design to attract customers. The more new tunic clothing is available online. To make tunic shopping easier online one can check many portals. The latest tunic designs, embroidered tunics are available. An anarkali style tunic looks pretty on young girls.

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